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Fall 2005 Centricity Healthcare User Group Collective Knowledge User Summit Presentations

The presentations from the Fall 2005 Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG) conference in Dallas, TX (November 17-19, 2005) are listed below; the hyperlinked presentations are available for viewing. I will continue to try to obtain the remaining presentations.

To view a PowerPoint slide show, please click on the title of the presentation. If you prefer a PDF version of a slide show, please click on the corresponding "view as PDF" link below. I hope you find these presentations interesting and informative.

Michael Zaroukian , MD, PhD
Immediate Past President, Centricity Healthcare User Group
Last updated: January 2, 2006

Thursday, November 17, 2005

President's Welcome. Michael H. Zaroukian, MD, PhD (view as PDF)

Opening Keynote Address: It Takes a Transformation - Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing a Core Technology for Medicine
David C. Kibbe, MD, Director, Center for Health Information Technology (view as PDF)

Early (and late) Adoption: Experiences with Continued Implementation and Early Adopter Program. Robert Lamberts, MD (view as PDF)

Implementing Centricity Physician Office EMR Orders in an Enterprise Setting using Six Sigma Methodology. Don Sepulveda, MBA/MHA, GE Healthcare; Clay Williams, MSW, GE Healthcare; Peggy Romfh, MS, MT (ASCP) - Baylor College of Medicine Operations Project Manager (view as PDF)

From Silo Practice to Collaborative Care - The Challenge of Embedding QI in the Organizational Culture. Joel Berman, MD (view as PDF)

Putting it All Together - Successful Utilization of Centricity EMR for OBGYN. Angela Wilson-Liverman, CNM, MSN, ARNP; Michael Hochman, MD, FACOG (view as PDF)

EMR Hands on Practicum (HOP): My First Use. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD (view as PDF)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Plenary 2: CPO EMR/PM Integration Update and Demonstrations. David Henriksen, General Manager, Centricity Physician Office (view as PDF)

EMR Residency Roundtable. Donald Nelson, MD (view as PDF)

The Path to e-prescribing. Kathleen Brooks, GE Healthcare (view as PDF)

Pay-for-Performance: Electronic Tools for Improving Quality Using Office-Based Disease Management. Joseph Siemienczuk, MD (view as PDF)

RHIO Roundup. Steven Clemenson, MD, Peter Basch, MD, Marianne Braunstein (view as PDF)

EMR Hands on Practicum (HOP): Basic User Skills. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD (view as PDF)

Small Office Workflows: Issues involving clinical quality and pay for performance. Christopher Crow MD, MBA (view as PDF)

Report Cards, Prevention and Pay for Performance (P4P) - Role of the EMR. David Nelsen, MD, MS & Jamie Howard, MD (view as PDF)

EMR Use & Residency Accreditation. Mary Jo Fisher (view as PDF)

Preloading Clinical Data in EMR. David Erickson, Integration Consultant, Lost Creek Consulting, Inc & Cindy Ness, RN (view as PDF)

Hands on Practicum (HOP): Disease Management of Diabetes Mellitus Utilizing the EMR. Paul R. Clark, MD (view as PDF)

Decision-support at the Point of Care. Paul Clark, MD, John Janas, MD (view as PDF)

The Paperless Office - Integrated Internet Scheduling, Refills and Referrals. Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD, FACP (view as PDF)

Data Mining on the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium (MQIC) Web Site. Franklin E. Bragg, MD (view as PDF)

Small Office: Issues involving clinical quality and pay for performance. Christopher Crow MD, MBA (view as PDF)

EMR Hands on Practicum (HOP): Exam Room Skills. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD (view as PDF)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Plenary 3 – Making Pay for Performance & DOQ-IT Work for You. Chuck Parker, Director of Health Information Technology Services, MassPRO (view as PDF)

The Glitch that Stole Christmas – Back up and Recovery. Audrey Snow, Director Process Integration, Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare; Rob Lapolt, Director IT Service; Andy Salvatore, R.N. EMR Analyst, Slocum Dickson Medical Group (view as PDF)

Using the EHR to Transform Care and to Achieve Clinical Efficiency. Peter Basch, MD and Simeon Schwartz, MD (view as PDF)

Visual Encounter Form Editor. Michael Thompson, MD, Logical Innovations (view as PDF)

Using Centricity EMR to Create a Quality Performance Standard Incentive Program for Physicians. Tom Hargrove, MD, Medical Director Informatics, Trinity Mother Frances Health System; Gena Hannah

Anticoagulation Monitoring. Dianna Woodard, R.N., Bonnie Dittus, C.L.S. (view as PDF)

Just in Time: A Practical Approach to Practice Re-Design. Tom Landholt, MD (view as PDF)

Clinical Dashboard Reporting in a Community Health Center Network. Margery Prazar, BSN, MBA (view as PDF)

Using Centricity Data for Quality and Outcomes Studies: The Medical Quality Improvement Consortium. Jim Gill, MD (view as PDF)

Preparing for an EMR Implementation (Small Office). Lisa Bonner, HealthSystems and Peter Bauerlein, Final Support (view as PDF)

Connecting the EMR to Pay-for-Performance and Quality Improvement. Nathaniel James IV, MD (view as PDF)
ental materials:
Sample Performance Report
CIR Interface Specification (Mappings; xls file)
EHR Links

Practical Approaches to Precepting with an EHR. David W. Bauer, MD, PhD (view as PDF)

MQIC Data Reporting. Tom Ricciardi, GE Healthcare (view as PDF)

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