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EMR Update: August 18, 2005

EMR has updates to share with you about EMR issues & services:

Our Primary Goal: Making Centricity EMR Easier to Use

The EMR team’s primary goal is to make Centricity EMR easier to use.  Our plans for accomplishing this goal is to create tools and tailor workflows to help physicians and support staff function more efficiently when completing patient care tasks using the EMR.  We are collecting information from departments via 1) the needs assessment questionnaire that is part of the department meeting, 2) the Advisory Committee meetings which has representatives from every clinic, and 3) communications with your implementer.  Please take time to share your ideas for making the EMR easier to use. 

Patient Demographic Form

Following multiple requests to be able to enter demographic information for patients and their families, EMR has created a “patient information form”.  This form has an adult and a pediatric version.  It allows for entry of information such as parent’s names, nicknames, multiple phone numbers, persons authorized to consent for care, PCP, etc.  Your implementer will be showing you a draft of the form.  Please suggest additional data fields you would like added to the form by September 16, 2005.

Custom Forms Development

We have contracted with an outside company for forms development and we will be able to offer departments a timelier turnaround time than we offered in the past.  We are very excited to be able to develop forms that better meet your needs.  We are working on modifying existing forms first and then we can take requests for new forms development.  When requesting forms we need to carefully decide what is needed on the form, as forms development is a very expensive process, ($125/hr for programming cost alone) and several hours of planning, testing, and refining on the part of the implementer, you the physician and your support staff before a form is ready for use.

CCC 8.3

We’ve received the software upgrade for CCC forms version 8.3 and are putting together a project plan for implementation.  The upgraded version allows clinics to determine the text and values that display on forms, making forms much more customizable that the earlier version 7.0. Implementers will begin meeting with clinics in mid September to go over CCC forms you’re currently using so we can update them, as well as show you new CCC forms that your clinics may want to have customized for use.

New Hires Training Programs

Beginning the week of September 12, 2005, EMR training for new physicians and support staff is offered every Monday afternoon, from 1:30PM – 2:30PM in A205 Clinical Center.  A basic functions training session follows on Thursdays, (one for physician documentation at 1:30 – 2:30) and (one for support staff documentation from 8:30AM – 9:30AM) which goes over generic workflows using Centricity. By expanding the training session to two hours, we believe that new users will better understand and retain a working knowledge about Centricity.  Following the initial training sessions your implementer will be available in your clinic to go over your department specific workflows. Please let us know how you like our new training program after sending your new hires to our classes

New Implementer Hired

Diane McLeod, RN is joining the EMR team starting September 6, 2005. Diane brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, serving in nursing leadership positions, as well as a nurse in MSU clinics.  Her clinical knowledge and experience will be an asset as we design tools and workflows using Centricity EMR.  During the month of September she will be learning more about Centricity and will then be assigned HT clinics to support.

EMR Contact Information

We have updated our EMR contact list for services and phone numbers.  (See EMR contact list).

Sparrow Paper Pathology Reports to End

During the month of August Sparrow will discontinue sending paper copies of pathology reports to clinics as electronic reports pass to clinicians’ desktops.  Clinics are to make sure that their workflows have been modified to accommodate this change.

Mary R. Burns, MS, RHIA
Administrator, Ambulatory Services
MSU Health Team
(517) 355-6877


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