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EMR Leadership

Michael H. Zaroukian, MD, PhD, FACP is currently MSU's Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO). In this role, Dr. Zaroukian is responsible for advancing MSU's EMR and health information technology (HIT)-related research and community outreach agendas.

Dr. Zaroukian transitioned to this position after serving for three years as MSU's first EMR Medical Director, with responsibility for EMR planning, pilot projects, enterprise-wide EMR and associated HIT implementation, community EMR outreach, and EMR research. His new position frees him from day-to-day EMR operational issues and allows him to focus on EMR and HIT project-related research, pilot-testing, and evaluation of new systems, studying the impact on quality, cost, processes, and outcomes. His community outreach efforts will assist other clinicians throughout Michigan and beyond adopt and effectively use EMR systems to improve care.

Dr. Zaroukian research activities will also focus on educating the next generation of health professionals in medical informatics. This research will yield new knowledge and strategies to ensure that graduating students and practicing clinicians possess the competencies they need to use information technology to improve health care quality, saftey, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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